One Shabbos evening, before the guests came, I slipped on my kitchen floor which was very wet reinjuring my left knee.  I was in so much pain that I was not even sure how I was going to be able to serve my guests.  I was alone in my house and began to do the "Lulav Technique" and within a few minutes the pain was greatly minimized. Not only the pain, but the swelling went down considerably as well.  Two days later I had no pain and only a small amount of swelling and black and blue.  I have been using the "Lulav Technique for over two years in all aspects of my life and can truly say that it has been life changing for me. This is somthing that is not hard to learn and will become a very useful tool for anyone to better deal with all kinds of emotional and physical challenges that may come up.--Chana Blair

Sometimes, I get a stress headache or feel my lower back tighten, I can "Lulav" the feelings and the headache/backache releases without a pill or going to my favorite chiropractor.--MS

The Lulav Technique helped me to be far less shy and afraid of what people think.--MM

I "Lulaved" my severely sprained ankle and was walking fully again within 36 hours. Thirty years ago, in college, twice I sprained an ankle not quite as severely and was on crutches for two weeks!--MN